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Distress Signaling with Flashing mode


Illuminated House Number Display / Address Light / Porch Light / Security Light / Automatic On-Off outdoor light




  Continuous wastage of energy by a conventional porch light

  Painting house numbers on wall

  Engraving the numbers on curb

  Fumbling with the switch at night

  Additional Emergency Signaling Device



Working Principle


Address Light works on the principle of detection of ambient light level to turn on or off automatically. A super sensitive LDR is fitted inside the electronics and facing the front. It senses continuously the ambient light level (ALL).  When ALL reaches a predetermined level at dusk, it gives the command to electronics to turn on the light.  In the similar manner, when ALL increases at dawn, it controls the unit to be switched off.  This repeats itself day after day in its life time. During emergencies, when distress / panic button is pressed, it starts flashing to attract the attention.



  •  Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

  • Illuminates porch and your house number

  • Automatically turns on the CFL ( 11W, 4-pin) at dusk and switches off at dawn.

  • Works satisfactorily within wide voltage fluctuations from 150V to 250V.

  • Uses electronic ballast as against copper choke or magnetic ballast commonly used.  Saves precious electricity as loss of power in magnetic choke is totally eliminated.

  • Power Factor Correction circuitry  incorporated on board to achieve PF better than .95.

  • Snubber and EMI/RFI filter are added to avoid the interference from electromagnetic and radio frequency.

  •  Automatic control for dusk to dawn operation is coupled with flashing operation during emergency. 

  • When distress switch is pressed, the same CFL starts flashing during night to attract the attention of the passers by.

  • Numbers are supplied in the form a vinyl sticker sheet.

  • Fully complies with EN60928 for safety.  

  • Built to last life time without fading, cracking, rusting or peeling. 

  • Made in pure polycarbonate body without use of single screw. 

  • Numbers visible from a distance of upto 170 feet.




Entire electronics is housed on a single Glass Epoxy PCB with green masking and potting for weather resistance and fitted in side the enclosure. This is Controlled Electronic Ballast (CEB-114).  This is 3-in-1 unit comprising Electronic Ballast, Dusk to Dawn Controller and Distress signal generator. 4-pin CFL holder is also housed in the same enclosure. The LDR sensor is also housed in side the unit. The entire assembly of CEB-114 can be slide fitted in side the box without any screws. It has four wires coming out from the bottom. A pair of Red and Black goes to mains power while Grey wires are meant for distress switch.  No internal wiring is necessary as it is an integral unit.

CEB-114 uses electronic ballast of A3 type with built-in PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuitry. The CFL is instantly on without flickering even at voltages as low as 170V where a normal magnetic ballast will fail to fire the tube. The ballast operates at ultrasonic frequencies hence the power is continuously saved for the given lumen output.

The sensor monitors the ambient light level and when it is dark, the controller inside sends the command to switching circuitry to make CFL on.  Simultaneously, distress switch is also enabled.  CFL will start flashing if Distress Switch is pressed on.  This will attract the attention of the people outside.  Since the CFL operates quickly without any firing delay, flashing rate is very fast like an incandescent bulb. This facility of Distress signaling is obviously possible during night (dusk to dawn) only.




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